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Mind Tiny Notes

how to meditate

April 23, 2019

I like taking a few minutes during the day to close my eyes and breathe.

  • sit on the ground in a quiet space. You can also listen to an ambient song
  • when you’re comfortable, set a timer for 2 minutes
  • close your eyes
  • let negative thoughts pass by; let them go

During these two minutes, try to focus on one positive phrase to repeat to yourself like “I’m beautiful,” or “I deserve love.” You can also visualize something that makes you feel happy. If a negative thought arises, don’t get stressed. Just let it pass like a floating cloud in the sky. If you try to push these thoughts away, it causes more stress. Focus on breathing slowly in and out. After the two minutes are up, slowly open your eyes and smile.

If you weren’t able to relax the first time, know that it’s OK. Meditation takes practice and patience. Try this meditation practice a couple days a week and you’ll start smiling more.

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