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Get This! 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot

April 21, 2019

I have a folder on my phone dedicated to shopping apps. You can always catch me scrolling multiple apps for style inspiration and cool new makeup looks to try. Basically, If you’re sitting with me and I’m looking down at my phone I’m downloading a new app.

Last week I noticed that I literally downloaded three Korean brands in a row. Why? I guess I’m really into this Korean beauty craze. The products are amaaaazing (and the packaging is beautiful).

Multi Pot Swatches: #Holly Hock, #Scarlet Red, #Primula

One of my favorite looks is looking like I didn’t spend hours doing my makeup. I wish I could say “I woke up like this,” but honestly I didn’t. 3CE delivers with their rosy, orange-hued colored scheme and easy to apply products making me look fresh and effortless in minutes. The 3CE Take A Layer Multi pot is smooth and high pigmented; one dab from the pot and you have amazing rosy cheeks. I currently have #Scarlet Red, #Holly Hock, #Primula in rotation (depending on my mood of course).

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