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#FOOD Eateries Hong Kong

Café Match Box

April 22, 2019

It was 5pm. I was hungry.

After exploring Hong Kong all day, I was craving food but had nothing specific in mind. I usually love trying and tasting everything from street vendors or dai pai dongs but this time, my feet hurt and I just needed a place to take my time and savor the flavors.

Suddenly, I was lured in by a sign that said “HAPPY COURT” mysteriously cast under glowing green neon. Who wouldn’t want to try a place called HAPPY COURT?!

It was everything I ever needed in life: retro decor, Cantopop music, and a menu filled with mouth-watering sandwiches, soups, and yes, Spam.

Although it was tempting to order everything (and that would be impossible since the menu has like 100 dishes to choose from) I ordered black sesame toast with condensed milk. I have a slight obsession with egg tarts and this place did not disappoint. Their egg tarts are classic Hong Kong-style with a sweet shortbread crust and bright yellow custard filling.

Black Sesame Toast

I saved the best for last: the classic Spam Club Sandwich. I totally went for it and loved every bite. It was salty, fresh, and intriguing.

This is why I love Hong Kong.

Café Matchbox is located on 57 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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